Prepare And Enrich


The PREPARE/ENRICH Program has these goals for the couple:

* Explore relationship strength and growth areas
* Strengthen couple communication skills, including Forgiveness
* Identify and manage major stressors
* Learn conflict resolution strategies using the Ten Step Model
* Explore family-of-origin issues using the Couple and Family Map (Circumplex Model)
* Discuss financial planning and budgeting
* Develop personal, couple and family goals
* Understand and appreciate personality differences

Each partner completes the inventory online (a 40-60 minute process that can be worked on and saved, if needed). Then you meet with me, the facilitator, together to go over areas of strength and growth in your relationship. At this time, I will help you talk to one another about the issues identified and/or whatever is on your mind leading up to marriage and commitment. I will provide you with time-tested exercises to increase understanding and skill in the areas of growth.

The PREPARE/ENRICH Program can help you get to know each other and understand each other better. This program and facilitated counseling cannot, however, guarantee how you and your partner use the information provided. Whether you take the inventory or not, you will have uncomfortable truths and differences to face as a couple at points in your long-term relationship and marriage. How you deal with these difficulties will determine the success of your relationship.

The Prepare/Enrich Program can be taken at any time - even in the months after you marry. However, I recommend taking this program 6 weeks or more prior to making your wedding preparations. This gives you time to examine the dynamics of your relationship, work on growth areas, and make informed decisions.
Love is multifaceted and dynamic. Marital and pre-marital counseling helps you ride and navigate the currents, staying true to yourself and your aims.

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