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Meet Our Staff and Clinicians

Our Administrative Staff 

Dr. Shauna

Dr. Shauna Moore Reynolds
Director and Supervisor 
Dr. Shauna Moore Reynolds is the founder and Executive Director of SMR Counseling Services. SMR Counseling Services was created to serve the needs of those who desire professional therapy outside traditional appointment hours and settings, late evenings, Saturday, Sunday, by phone, online and home visits.
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Our Clinicians


Dr. Suzan Francis, ED.D., LCPC

Feeling sad, lonely, and confused? Having difficulty completing simple tasks like getting out of bed or taking a shower? Grieving the loss of someone so deeply that your soul hurts? Is communication, trust, love, respect, and intimacy with your partner suffering? Feeling defeated by your child? You will receive insight and clarity, feel relief, hope, and strength, and you will feel safe and empowered after starting treatment with me. 

Dr.BrandyDr. Brandy CarterMarriage & Family Therapist

Are you looking to take a step forward to you and your partner’s personal wellness? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I offer my clients a nonjudgmental, tranquil, inviting and safe space to share ideas and communicate openly. Together we can explore, observe and gain a deeper understanding of yourself as well as your partner.  Our time together should be interactive and collaborative. It is important that we build a strong therapeutic relationship that creates trust so our work together can be effective.


Dr. Raylene Ross, PhD, NCC, LGPC, LPCA, CHWC

Life can be challenging at times, and sometimes you feel there’s no end in sight. Trust me; I get it. If you’re looking for a personal mental trainer to empower, support, and facilitate you along your journey towards a positive change, here I am. I am passionate about working with young adults and professionals to address performance anxiety, imposter syndrome and general issues surrounding confidence and self-esteem. My experience as an athlete, athletic coach, mental performance coach and counselor to student athletes paired with extensive knowledge, education and research within the mental health field empowers clients to overcome mental barriers that stand in the way of their performance,
success and life satisfaction.

KennKenneth Bond, M.A., LCPC

Kenn is a counselor who is a Christian. He believes in the integration of therapeutic approaches and the power of behavioral change through practical cognitive principles. He believes one can change their behavior as they transform their thinking (Romans 12:2). As a Veteran of Foreign Wars, Kenn has served as chaplain for VFW Post 8950 in Lanham, MD, believing in providing help, hope, and healing to those who are trying to navigate their new normal.

KathyKathy Griffin, M.S., LCPC

Are you looking for a warm, personable, and objective therapist to help you navigate through the troubling happenings of your life? Look no further, here I am! The most important thing about the therapeutic space is empowering YOU so that YOU can make conscious choices about YOUR life. My style is active, involved, empathic, and genuine. Working collaboratively, we can define your goals and see what is causing you distress and/or to feel "stuck." Learned behaviors as a child just might not be working in your adult life! It's time to tell your story and work to resolve emotional scares that may be hindering you from being happy!

VictoriaVictoria Guthrie, M.A., LCPC

Are you having trouble managing new life challenges?  Victoria is passionate about providing a trusting therapeutic environment and helping clients navigate through tough life decisions.  Her experience includes working with adolescents and adults with mental health illness, anxiety, depression, divorce and substance abuse. Victoria also has experience working with children who have experienced trauma, divorce and loss.


Breanna Coleman, M.S., LGPC, NCC

When your negative thoughts take over, what do you do? Do you find yourself anxious, depressed, and struggling with your self-esteem or confidence? Or maybe the negative thoughts about your worth, appearance and mistakes consume you until it feels like it's hard to function? Navigating negative thought patterns that cause pain can seem overwhelming, and it may feel like nobody around you understands. Working with your goals in this safe, supportive atmosphere, I can help you identify the negative thoughts and beliefs that lead to anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

ObrienO'Brien Wimbish, Pastoral Counselor, M.A., LGPC

Has your life been completely shattered? Do you want to begin to pick up the pieces but have no idea where to start? You cannot believe that someone you love, someone you trust, some you give your all to would cause you so much pain. You continue to play over and over again different scenarios of where the relationship went wrong or think about how stupid you were for all the things you did to keep the relationship.  My work as a therapist is to empower you to use the spirit within you, to overcome the shame, pain, and fear caused by your relationship.


Indya Walker, M.ED., LGPC

Do you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed by life events? Have you lost interest in things that once brought you joy? Are you struggling with constant negative thoughts that keep you from moving forward? If so, come talk to me. Together, we can work on strategies that allow you to address the causes of your difficulties. In treatment, I am able to meet clients where they are and help them get to where they want to be in life. I have experience working with children, adolescents, and adults who have emotional disorders as a result of traumatic life events.


Miguel Hernandez Concepcion, M.A., LCPC, NCC

Miguel is a clinician and educator specializing in crisis counseling, traumatic stress, anxiety and depression. Miguel is currently working on his Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision at Capella University, concentrating on the experiences of bilingual professional counselors working with Latinx adolescents. In his free time, Miguel volunteers as an emergency manager/instructor conducting suicide intervention workshops and managing disasters across the USA with a veteran organization called Team Rubicon.

Keyana Graham, M.A., LGPC Keyana

Keyana is steadfast in supporting all of her clients as they meet their goals and are dedicated and passionate while attending to their aspirations. She wants to do what is best for every client, creating an empathetic, easy-going atmosphere where she can approach their needs with an open mind.Her primary professional interests are performing group work, working with families, and working with married couples, and the geriatric community. Addressing and confronting nervousness, anxiety, self-worth, and isolation.

Our Clinical Interns

DajuanaDajuana Goodman, Clinical Counseling Intern 

Dajuana employs a client-centered approach to each client to ensure they feel heard, understood, and supported. She desires to help women, men, children who are battling depression, anxiety, stress, and other interpersonal issues. Her goal is for each of her clients to leave with a renewed and strengthened self-worth and the tools to gain victory in every aspect of their lives. She does this through an eclectic set of interventions custom to her clients’ needs. She believes that her clients can lead the healthy and fulfilling life of their dreams if they put in the work.


Taylor Crudup, Clinical Counseling Intern 

Taylor has a heart for helping people transform their lives. Her holistic approach to counseling allows her to support each client as she holds space for all aspects of their diverse experiences. She uses a client-centered approach while integrating concepts from cognitive behavioral therapy that challenge her clients to consider how their thoughts impact their behavior. Taylor is passionate about working with adolescents and young adults navigating life transitions as well as those seeking to overcome depression, anxiety, and any experiences with trauma that are impacting their ability to heal. 

GlenGlen Bradley, Clinical Counseling Intern

Glen has over 8-years of experience facilitating LGBTGEQIAP+ cultural competency training seminars across a diverse field, from the DC office for the Federal Maritime Commission to the DC Mental Health Counseling Association. Glen also presents trainings on gender minority stress, sexual minority stress, and decolonizing gender and sexuality. Glen’s approach to counseling is integrative and primarily based in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Queer Liberation Psychology. 


Cilicia Lawson, Clinical Counseling Intern

When life is not so pleasant, it may seem daunting to deal with day-to-day decisions and the general tasks that an individual or a family may face, especially in today’s world.  In light of all of the joys and challenges that may potentially leave people unsettled, Cilicia is here to offer you the non-judgmental, compassionate support and guidance you may need throughout the various seasons of life.  Whether you face concerns about career development, anxiety, depression, or desire pre-marital, marriage, or family. counseling, she will work with you to achieve your personal, professional, and/or relational goals.