Lisette Montalvo, Clinical Intern


Feeling stuck? Alone? Experiencing anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem? These uncomfortable feelings are natural, but  you don’t have to walk the path on your own. Having someone listen, and help you reflect on your journey can provide many positive benefits including insight, hope, and security. An empathetic and compassionate person, Lisette believes in walking alongside her clients, aiming to help find coping techniques, identify their stressors, and find peace along the way.

A counselor-in-training, Lisette has an array of diverse life experiences, all of which have ushered her to this position. Raised in Puerto Rico, she has experienced immigration, learning a new cultural backdrop, and attempting to find her place within a society which often rejects those who are different. She has a passion for working with children and parents, finding ways to help families cope with difficult situations and transitions. Lisette also has a background in trauma-informed counseling, having served as a support specialist with RAINN.

Lisette is fluent in Spanish and welcomes clients of all walks of life, age, temperament, neurodiversity, identity, religions, cultural backgrounds, and sexual orientation. You do not have to experience life’s difficult moments alone. You deserve support.

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