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Counseling for Singles

Are you dissatisfied with your single life?

You may be single by choice or have been unable to connect with someone special. If you are divorced or widowed you may believe that you already had your one opportunity to find love in a lasting relationship. Maybe you grew up in a dysfunctional family that has left you unsettled and mistrustful of becoming intimate in a relationship. These are many reasons why single people enter counseling.


Understanding the emotional factors that influence your relationships and determine your satisfaction with your current life situation is the first step in deciding how to improve your experience.


Utilizing the latest research tested assessment techniques and the most effective intervention tools; we work with singles to help them understand their role in intimate relationships and develop skills to make their relationships more satisfying. Shifting from a problem-focused model to a solution-focused approach that maximizes the individual’s strengths has proven to be successful in helping individuals to feel more control in their social life.


  • Discover old patterns of thinking that get in the way of a successful relationship.
  • Develop healthy dating practices.
  • Learn the characteristics and qualities that lead to a healthy relationship.
  • Gain confidence.
  • Identify problems, before you get involved.
  • Understand the process of falling-in-love and common traps.


Group counseling sessions will stimulate and encourage you to move beyond your comfort level to make contact with friends, family and prospective partners. You will feel more control and confidence in your social relationships. And whatever your age or experience, you will be better prepared for your next relationship through increased self-knowledge.


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