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Anxiety and Depression Group



Wednesdays, 6:30 to 8:00 pm

3909 National Drive, Suite 100, Burtonsville, MD 20866

Sessions are $35.00. Fees may be covered by your insurance. Call (240)389-1487 for more information.



In this group program, you’ll be introduced to a powerful set of skills to help you more effectively deal with real-life difficulties and obstacles, manage life's challenges more gracefully and calmly, and bounce back from adversity more quickly. You’ll learn skills to increase positive emotions and resilience and decrease negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors associated with anxiety, stress and worry.


Examples of Skills You Will Learn:

• Cognitive skills to develop a more realistic and flexible mindset, manage negative self-talk and put things into perspective

• Mindfulness skills to calm your anxious mind and get out of the cycle of worry and rumination

• Stress management skills to take care of yourself everyday with relaxation, self-soothing and pleasurable activities

• Behavioral skills to stop avoiding what you fear and confront anxiety in a safe way


Program Features:

The group meetings are educational, interactive and practical.


Each session includes:

• Lecture and activities to learn and practice new skills in session

• Homework review and discussion of how you are using the skills in your life

• New homework and brief surveys to monitor progress


Enrollment is limited to 8 participants. The group program includes:

• Eight (8) weekly 90-minute small group meetings

• A workbook with lessons and homework assignments

• Weekly motivational emails to reinforce the skills learned and a homework reminder


For information about dates, fees and enrollment, contact:


SMR Counseling Services


Email: [email protected]

Website: www.smrcounselingservices.com


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